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Decay and infection of your tooth can cause a significant amount of pain. At Charles Campbell, DDS, our dentist helps you determine the extent of your decay and the best solutions for removal. Decay that penetrates the root of your tooth could be cause for a root canal.


Root canal therapy is a minimally invasive approach to healing a tooth without leading to extraction.

Create a healthy mouth

Infection in the root of your tooth can spread to other teeth quickly. Stop by our office today or call if the pain is significant and let our dentist assess the damage. You'll feel better in no time.

Root canal treatment includes:

• Oral surgery

• Root canal therapy

• Removal of dead and infected tissue

• Sealant and crowns

Many procedures are covered by insurance. Ask our team today if your root canal is covered.

Call today and stop the pain. Let us give you immediate relief.


When you need a root canal

Root canals are the removal of the decay that has entered the root and pulp of the tooth, causing irreversible damage. Our team has the experience you need to remove the dead and infected tissues while still preserving your natural teeth. Once the dead tissue is removed and the area clean, a sealant and crown are placed over the tooth for added protection.

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